Omeda Studios launches open beta for free-to-play MOBA Predecessor

Omeda Studios launches open beta for free-to-play MOBA Predecessor

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Omeda Studios launched its multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Predecessor into open beta today on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This beta represents the first time Xbox players get to jump into the game.

Built on the foundation of Paragon, originally developed by Epic Games but shut down in 2018, Omeda Studios’ Predecessor is a refined and expanded take on the MOBA action that Paragon pioneered. The game is still alive thanks to Robbie Singh, a fan of Paragon who in 2020 decided to revive the game and then built a community-oriented game studio to bring it back.

Open beta is the first step of Predecessor’s launch process as Omeda Studios has more to come in 2024. Players can enter the open beta for free through Predecessor’s Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation and Xbox Store pages.

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Throughout 2024, Predecessor newcomers and veterans can expect many more updates and improvements.

An explosion in bright and shiny Predecessor.

Kicking things off with the open beta, crossplay debuts where PC, PlayStation and Xbox players can jump in together for fast-paced, third-person MOBA action. PC players globally can now enjoy the game in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and simplified Chinese. Xbox and PlayStation will receive language support shortly after.

Languages will continue to be implemented through development. 2024 will also see constant visual improvements, the heavily-requested ranked mode, a new secret game mode, matchmaking, new skins and item reworks.

“Predecessor has been such a labor of love, not just for me but for all of us at Omeda Studios and the fact that we launched the Open Beta today is a testament to our dedication but most importantly, audiences’ love for the game,” said Robbie Singh, Omeda CEO, in a statement. “Our goal was to elevate the MOBA genre into something fresh and enticing that players haven’t seen before, like the third-person perspective.”

He said the game has already amassed over 400,000 players on Steam Early Access and now that the game is available for PC, PlayStation, and now Xbox players, he can’t wait to see that number grow as more audiences jump into our game.

“2024 is going to be a monumental year for us and we can’t wait to share what we have coming up. Stay tuned< Singh said.

Predecessor is a fast-paced action-MOBA title that combines strategic thinking and teamwork with pulse-pounding combat. Two teams of five players choose from a roster of more than 30 unique heroes and fight to protect their bases while working together to take down the enemy team’s base. During the fight, players earn XP to unlock and level up powerful abilities, while collecting gold to buy items to help them defeat the enemy team.

Predecessor was born from the ashes of Epic Games’ now-defunct MOBA Paragon. In 2020, Paragon’s most dedicated player and content creator Robbie Singh created Omeda Studios not only to bring back Paragon’s legacy, but to evolve it more with Predecessor. Building upon Paragon’s existing visual assets, Omeda Studios overhauled the game’s maps, gameplay mechanics, characters and more for something new and improved that stays true to the heart of Paragon. More than 400,000 players are already playing Predecessor in Steam Early Access and in a free closed beta on PlayStation.

Gameplay features

An action shot with Zarus.

With the core of a MOBA but the mechanics of a third-person shooter/brawler, Predecessor offers a visceral experience that other MOBAs lack, while rewarding teamwork and strategy in a way many shooters overlook.

It has over 30 playable characters. Predecessor’s deep character roster contains over 30 unique heroes with distinct play styles and abilities.

The game is created in Unreal Engine 5. Predecessor is the only MOBA to be developed in Unreal’s latest engine. This new state-of-the-art game engine produces high-resolution and high-fidelity graphics for current and previous gen consoles.

You can play with friends, no matter where they are. Predecessor was developed with both console and PC gamers in mind with cross-play functionality so friends can play together regardless of their platform.
Predecessor features a ton of rewards, including custom skins, for players to earn or purchase with in-game currency.

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