Nationwide Coffee Recall; Aspirin Misuse Common; Gena Rowlands’ Alzheimer’s Disease

Nationwide Coffee Recall; Aspirin Misuse Common; Gena Rowlands’ Alzheimer’s Disease

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Snapchill recalled all of its canned coffee products distributed nationwide through coffee roasters and retailers due to potential botulinum toxin contamination.

Biden administration health officials pressed the World Professional Association for Transgender Health to remove age minimums for transgender surgeries in minors in its guidelines, unsealed court documents showed. (New York Times)

Finland will offer preemptive bird flu vaccination to some workers as soon as next week, the first country to do so. (Reuters)

The WHO called for urgent action on the surge of mpox cases in Africa, as scientists warned of the spread of a mutated and dangerous version of the clade I mpox in Congo. Meanwhile, South Africa reported three mpox deaths and 16 confirmed cases. (Reuters)

In a draft statement, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said there was insufficient evidence to recommend for or against screening for food insecurity in primary care.

A group of 51 bipartisan lawmakers in the House and Senate called for more artificial intelligence oversight in Medicare Advantage coverage decisions. (The Hill)

A Doctors Without Borders physiotherapist was killed in Gaza on his way to work, prompting the group to call for an immediate, sustained ceasefire.

Contrary to medical guidance, about one-third of older adults used aspirin for primary cardiovascular disease prevention, U.S. survey data showed. (Annals of Internal Medicine)

Chicago surgeons performed a kidney transplant procedure in which the patient was awake and was discharged home the next day, Northwestern Medicine said.

Medical journals, including JAMA Network Open, issued corrections to multiple articles on vaping after it was revealed some authors had undisclosed ties to Juul. (STAT)

The number of human Powassan cases from tick bites reported to the CDC rose to 270 cases from 2014-2023, up from 64 cases from 2004-2013. (Clinical Microbiology and Infection)

Nearly a third of adults worldwide did not meet the WHO recommended levels of physical activity in 2022. (Lancet Global Health)

The WHO reported that 2.6 million deaths per year were attributable to alcohol consumption and 0.6 million deaths to psychoactive drug use; most occurred in men.

The FDA warned Bimbo Bakeries, maker of Sara Lee and Entenmann’s foods, to not claim their products contain allergens when they don’t.

Foppen Seafood recalled one lot of its smoked Norwegian salmon slices due to Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Public and private health insurers are removing coverage of new obesity drugs, leaving some patients despondent. (New York Times)

The FDA rejected foscarbidopa/foslevodopa (ABBV-951) to treat motor fluctuations in advanced Parkinson’s disease based on an inspection at a third-party manufacturing facility, AbbVie said. The inspection did not involve ABBV-951.

Actress Gena Rowlands has Alzheimer’s disease that has progressed to “full dementia,” her son Nick Cassavetes said. (Variety)

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