Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, January 2024

Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, January 2024

Capricorn season which began on the winter solstice, December 21, marks a quiet time of contemplation and solitude as the sun moves through a quiet, spiritual, and secretive sector of your chart. From here, you can gain some perspective before the sun enters your sign. 

Love planet Venus clashes with your planetary ruler, Saturn, showing a turn of events concerning your dreams and personal resources. What are you investing in and sacrificing in order to keep your dreams alive? You might need a minute to figure out what exactly you should be doing as Mercury retrograde ends on January 1, slowing things down and asking you to think a little longer about your aims.

You’re making moves in silence as action planet Mars enters ambitious Capricorn on January 4. You might feel more motivated to do acts of public service and volunteering during the coming weeks of this transit.

Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with dreamy Neptune on January 9 for the third time (think back to November 27 and December 27), which can find you working through your beliefs about money and your plan for the future. You may get comfortable with unconventional ways of being as the sun harmonizes with Uranus on January 9, granting you a unique perspective of home and family life. 

Also on January 9, action planet Mars connects with your planetary ruler, Saturn. You may find a hidden source of energy and motivation that keeps you going. Even if it looks like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, a hidden reserve of adrenaline or gas is available now.

The new moon in Capricorn falls on January 11, marking a moment to carve out some alone time and catch up on rest or meditation. This new moon harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of disruptions, which helps to make peace with uncertainty or instability!

The progress that you’re making might not be visible to everyone else, but you’re achieving success as Mars harmonizes with Jupiter on January 12. Celebrate the hidden battles that you have won, or the growth that you’ve experienced despite your situation.

Mercury, the planet of communication, re-enters your chart’s house of secrets and spirituality on January 13. Mercury is in its post-retrograde shadow, so topics and conversations from the end of November are still being processed. Take all the time and silence you need to gain perspective.

Mystical vibes flow as the sun connects with Neptune on January 15, which can have you questioning financial choices. Find some clarity about your beliefs around money, which can be a confusing topic.

Mercury connects with your planetary ruler, Saturn, for the third time on January 18 (think back to December 2 and 21). The third pass of this aspect should have you feeling like you’ve made up your mind, ready to say your final answer. You’re being prudent and cautious, but with reason.

You’re still open-minded and eager to learn as Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of philosophy, for the third time (think back to December 7 and 18) on January 19. You might be inspired by your friends and community as Venus clashes with Neptune, also on this day. You’re figuring out your priorities by seeing what is real and what’s fantasy.

January 20 is a big day for your sign, Aquarius! You’re able to see something top-secret as the sun meets with Pluto, the planet of taboos, in your chart’s house of secrets, giving you a peak behind the veil. Something juicy is revealed. Also on this day, the sun enters your sign, officially beginning Aquarius season and putting you in the driver’s seat!

Still kicking off the first day of Aquarius season, January 20, Pluto enters Aquarius, where it will stay until 2043. Pluto’s transits through the zodiac mark historical changes to the collective, and can transform lives on a personal level. Most recently, Pluto was in Aquarius from March to June 2023 (when we got lots of AI news). Apart from the preview we had in 2023, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was during the revolutions of the late 18th century. Pluto dips back into Capricorn for three months this fall before staying in your sign for the next 19 years.

Conversations and exchanges that have been drawn out since late November are tied up as Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow on January 20. This happens in a psychological sector of your chart, which can have implications about your mental health or spiritual life. Consider what you’ve learned about your goals and contributions to the collective since November 25, 2023.

Venus, the planet of love and money, enters a silky, slinky sector of your chart on January 23: This puts you in touch with your hidden desires, guilty pleasures, and secret crushes! Your relationship to the collective is felt more strongly.

The full moon in Leo falls on January 25, illuminating your chart’s axis of relationships. Full moons signify fulfillment. Relationships (not just romantic ones) that needed time to grow and bloom are surfacing. This full moon squares off with optimistic Jupiter, which can show relationships changing positively, with growth and success.

January 27 has an audacious but free energy as the sun clashes with Jupiter, which could mean overconfidence or zealousness. This sort of boldness can find you willing to take risks. The planet of rebellion, Uranus, ends its retrograde, which plays up life’s wild, quirky, or rebellious side, and you’ll respond accordingly.

Also on January 27, Mercury meets Mars, which might have you ready to say things that everyone is thinking not willing to say. Or maybe this shows that you’re comfortable with cutting off communication in order to give yourself the space and freedom to be happy.

You’re able to work through difficult feelings as Venus connects with Saturn on January 28, helping you pay attention to any repressed emotions with wisdom and maturity. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to free your mind and relieve pressure as Venus also harmonizes with Jupiter, helping you transcend heavy feelings. You’re finding clever, inventive ways to talk or think about hidden or underrepresented issues as Mercury harmonizes with Uranus, also on January 28.

You might act in ways that come as a shock or surprise to others as action planet Mars harmonizes with Uranus on January 29. Your electricity and pulse are mysterious and compelling! Just make sure to take it easy on the caffeine, and give yourself enough time to sleep.

Good luck Aquarius, see you in February!


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