‘Marvel Snap’ Celebrates Valentine’s Week With Its First “Imbalance” Update

‘Marvel Snap’ Celebrates Valentine’s Week With Its First “Imbalance” Update

Today is Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. Or maybe just pollen? Feels like Spring is coming a little early this year. No, there’s definitely some love, and Marvel Snap (Free) is getting into the mood with something the developers are calling its first “imbalance patch”. What the heck is that? Well, it means that some characters are going to be feeling the benefits of their romantic affiliations for a limited time, and when it comes to superheroes that means they’re going to be packing an extra-strong punch. Let’s dig into the details of this Valentine’s Week event!

Okay, setting aside all that fancy business, here’s how it works. Second Dinner has set up certain card pairings such that if you play one of them, the other will get a Power boost, and vice-versa. This is a privilege reserved for specific “Power Couples”, and it’s only in effect until February 20th. So who are these anointed pairs? I’ll go ahead and list them out, and you can feel free to fight with each other in the comments as to whether you’re cool with them or not.

  • Angela & Sera (+1 Power)
  • Black Panther & Nakia (+1 Power)
  • Captain America & Agent 13 (+2 Power)
  • Gambit & Rogue (+2 Power)
  • Invisible Woman & Mister Fantastic (+2 Power)
  • Iron Man & Rescue (+1 Power)
  • Miles Morales & Ghost Spider (+1 Power)
  • She-Hulk & Daredevil (+2 Power)
  • Star-Lord & Gamora (+1 Power)
  • Vision & Scarlet Witch (+1 Power)

Phew, yeah. I can see some people taking issue with a few of those. Matt and Jen over Matt and Elektra? Hmmmmmm. Well, it’s not my game. Anyway, this gives you an extra incentive to use some cards you might not otherwise put into play, and it plays into the canon elements that Marvel Snap tends to do very well.  Once more just to make sure I’ve driven it home: this buff is active as you read this, and it will be active until February 20th. Gather your cubes while you may.


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