Lost In Play’s first mobile anniversary is here, let’s look back at what it achieved

Lost In Play’s first mobile anniversary is here, let’s look back at what it achieved


The award-winning indie game made a splash on mobile

Lost In Play's first mobile anniversary is here, let's look back at what it achieved
  • Lost in Play has seen its first-year anniversary arrive
  • The game has been the recipient of two Apple awards
  • It features a childlike odyssey filled with puzzle solving and exploration

Happy Juice Games’ Lost in Play, published by Snapbreak, is seeing in its first-year anniversary today. Winner of two Apple awards, for best iPad game in 2023 and a design award in 2024, Lost in Play features a childlike odyssey of discovery and puzzle-solving.

Lost in Play follows two siblings, Toto and Gal as they journey through a world of childlike imagination. One of Happy Juice’s key design points is their use of a simple hint system and clever design to make the game as quick-paced as possible and avoid the usual ‘pixel hunting’ elements of exploration games that Lost in Play emulates.

Happy Juice Games have definitely earned the awards and accolades that Lost in Play has been given. For our part, we contributed to this praise with our own review, with a Platinum score which is rare even for positive reviewers like us. In particular, we singled out the graphics and gameplay design as key points which drew us in.


Lost to the world

Two Apple awards, especially in consecutive years, are nothing to be sneezed at. So we’re pleased to see that Lost in Play is able to boast about it. For our part, we’re intrigued to see what Happy Juice Games comes out with next, if anything. And after the innovative approach they took with Lost in Play, our expectations are definitely high.

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