Lawn Mowing Simulator Starts Its Engines On Switch Today

Lawn Mowing Simulator Starts Its Engines On Switch Today

How low can you mow?

You’ve ploughed fields on Switch, you’ve power washed cars on Switch, and now, you can mow lawns on Switch. Yes, the latest in a line of ‘I didn’t know I needed that’ sims is here as Lawn Mowing Simulator (and its ‘Landmark Edition‘ deluxe version) trims its way to Switch today.

You don’t really need us to tell you what Lawn Mowing Simulator entails, do you? You cut lawns. That’s it. Okay, actually, there is a little more than that. As well as getting out in the field, you will be building your “lawn mowing empire” (yes, really) by hiring employees, purchasing new machines and keeping an eye on the all-important finances.

Of course, the main event is the mowing itself. This comes with its own set of challenges including setting the blade height, monitoring the engine load and inspecting the terrain, though the Switch version also offers a ‘Quick Mow’ mode for those who want to get into some grass-cutting therapy as soon as possible.

The ‘Landmark Edition’ packs in all of the above mowing fun with two additional DLC packages, ‘Dino Safari’ and ‘Ancient Britain’.

As for the visuals… weeeeell, they are much as you would expect. You can get an idea of what’s in store by checking out the screenshots below.

Lawn Mowing Simulator is now available on the Switch eShop for £15.99 / €19.99 / $19.99, while the Landmark Edition is slightly more expensive at £19.99 / €24.99 / $24.99.

Will you be picking this one up? Cut your way to the comments and let us know.

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