Justin Bieber’s New Wax Figure For 30th Birthday Gets Mixed Reactions

Justin Bieber’s New Wax Figure For 30th Birthday Gets Mixed Reactions

Justin Bieber
New Wax Figure on 30th Birthday …
Unbelievably Good, Bad?!?

3/1/2024 5:00 PM PT

Justin Bieber‘s celebrating his 30th birthday today — but he probably wasn’t expecting this gift … a wax figure in his image and likeness, although people are asking … is it really???

Madame Tussauds rolled out their latest creation Friday — unveiling a new Bieber figurine just in time for him to celebrate the big 3-0 …  and, per usual, folks are pretty divided on whether this actually looks like him or not.

Check it out … Madame Tussauds says the artist modeled this wax Bieber after JB’s look in his “Peaches” music video … but some aren’t really seeing the vision. On the other hand … a good amount of people say this is actually a pretty decent rendition of the Biebs.

While the wax figure may have somewhat of a passing resemblance to JB … a lot of the comments are saying there’s something a little off about this version of Justin.

Some folks say the figure looks more like Brooklyn Beckham or Latin pop singer Miguel Pregueiro — but hey, eye of the beholder on this type of stuff.

Of course, others are being a little meaner in the replies … someone says it looks like “Justina Bieber” and another user says this “looks like Justin Bieber from China.”

Frankly, there have been worse Justin Bieber wax figurines over his career — this one just happens to be hitting the streets on a momentous day, which is why it’s getting extra attention.

Lil Wayne and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently spoke out against their own botched wax figures, but no word on this one yet from the man himself. He’s been laying low today.

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Gotta figure Justin’s more focused on his birthday festivities … as he should be. Happy Bday!

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