Dungeon&Fighter Mobile hits storefronts in China and tops charts

Dungeon&Fighter Mobile hits storefronts in China and tops charts


Based on the hit series from Nexon

Dungeon&Fighter Mobile hits storefronts in China and tops charts
  • Dungeon&Fighter Mobile has just hit storefronts in China and already made a major splash
  • An adaptation of the hit Nexon 2D action franchise, it’s being published by Tencent
  • Will we see a global launch? Maybe, but we don’t think it’ll be soon

Nexon’s Dungeon&Fighter Mobile today hit storefronts in China and has already taken the country’s massive mobile market by storm, topping the charts. This is despite a sudden outage of the servers due to an unprecedented level of demand.

If you’re not familiar, Dungeon&Fighter is Korean developer Nexon’s hit action RPG franchise. You probably know it from the recently-released Arc System Works (it’s still recent to me, dammit) fighting game DNF Duel, but the series has been massively popular for more than a decade.

A side-scrolling 2D action game with multiplayer elements, Dungeon&Fighter Mobile promises an evolving storyline, roleplaying elements and more, all built especially for mobile.

Down into the dungeon depths


While this may be a bit more business than you like to hear, Dungeon&Fighter hitting storefronts in China is big news. This is one of the world’s biggest mobile marketplaces, so any foreign game gaining a foothold is a major upset. Although, given that Dungeon&Fighter is being published by Chinese media giant Tencent, we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s making such an impact.

As for a global launch, well, who’s to say? Although we’d guess that it isn’t as unlikely as you might think. Tencent has already made a splash with the announcement that they’re taking the super-popular MOBA Honor of Kings worldwide.

Of course, by that same measure, we may see a significant amount of time before DNF Mobile goes global since Tencent probably want to stagger their major releases and be sure they’re ready for the global market.

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