Birthday Nails to Consider For Your Big Day

Birthday Nails to Consider For Your Big Day

Whether you’re into big celebrations or not, your birthday is arguably the most important holiday of the year. Ahead of your big day, you might be thinking about everything from your outfit to your hair (and maybe even a celebratory astrology tattoo), but you don’t want to forget the finishing touch: the birthday nails.

There are a host of nail art ideas that could serve as inspiration for your birthday. On the celebrity front, you could consider re-creating Hailey Bieber’s now-famous glazed-doughnut manicure or go for a twist on the classic french manicure. You could even play up the significance of the day by getting a nod to your zodiac sign.

At the end of the day, the options for birthday nail designs are endless, and there’s no one-size-fits-all template. Feeling celestial nail art? “Gold against matte, as well as gold against light and baby blue, translates the best to give you that starry-night effect,” manicurist Elle Gerstein previously told PS. Want to be seasonally appropriate? Pastel nails are trending again for spring, and there are countless ways to incorporate the color into your manicure. Need all eyes on you? Maximalist birthday nail ideas can feature everything from 3D shapes to decals, stickers, and more — plus, they’ll be sure to keep the compliments flowing all day.

To make sure your manicure is as ready as you are to celebrate your latest trip around the sun, ahead we rounded up some cute birthday nails to consider as you prepare to celebrate this personal new year.

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