Best Trampolines 2024

Best Trampolines 2024

Today, the best trampolines aren’t just a good source of exercise and fun. They’re durable and safe, too. Although it may seem like they all serve the same basic purpose, some trampolines are decidedly better than others. To find the cream of the crop, we dove into factors such as size, shape, construction, safety features, setup and cost. For 2024, we found eight quality models that would be a worth while addition to any backyard. This includes our top pick, the Jumpzylla 12-Foot Trampoline, which prioritizes safety and sturdiness without limiting entertainment.

The best trampolines of 2024 are safe, reliable and tons of fun.


For those uncertain about where to begin, our comprehensive guide offers insights into key considerations you should make before investing in a trampoline of your very own. Also, all of our recommendations have been evaluated by gear editor Cam Vigliotta, who is an expert in fitness and outdoor space, having covered the topic for over six years. Read on to see our top trampoline picks. And for more outdoor fun, check out our guides to the best swing sets and bikes.


Jumpzylla 12-Foot Trampoline

Mat dimensions: 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 or 16 feet wide | Height: Starts at 7 feet | Frame: Galvanized stainless steel | Weight capacity: 400 pounds | Warranty: 1 year

Made from high-quality materials and built to last, Jumpzylla’s 12-foot trampoline offers all the fun and fitness benefits without the unwanted risk and deterioration that often plagues cheaper models. It features a durable stainless-steel frame that’s treated to prevent rust, a UV-resistant mat and sturdy safety netting to keep jumpers inside. Jumpzylla’s models comply with the ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Specification, which covers the components, assembly and consumer use of trampolines to ensure they’re safe. With more than 4,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, this one checks all the boxes, and it often goes on sale. Also great: This model comes with easy setup instructions and all the necessary hardware, so even those without much DIY experience can put it together in an afternoon.

What the reviews say: “We purchased this [trampoline] during the pandemic and couldn’t be happier…The company is excellent, customer service very responsive to any questions. It’s been in the rain and in the sprinklers and barely shows wear.”


Zupapa 14-Foot Trampoline

Mat dimensions: 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 or 16 feet wide feet | Height: 8.9 feet | Frame: Galvanized alloy steel | Weight capacity: 425 pounds | Warranty: 10 years (frame), 2 years (mat)

An excellent choice for adults in need of a sturdy, high-quality trampoline that can withstand frequent use, Zupapa’s 14-foot model is as capable as they come. The rust-resistant galvanized steel frame can support up to 425 pounds, while the jumping mat is made from UV-resistant polypropylene that can handle constant impact without becoming stretched or damaged. The safety enclosure net measures 6 feet in height and is made from high-density, UV-resistant polyethylene. There’s also a ladder for easy access, a rain cover to protect the trampoline from the elements and anchor stakes to keep the unit securely in place.

What the reviews say: “Every piece fit together perfectly, and the design of the trampoline is great. The padding on the outer rim fully covers the springs, and the way the different materials fully wrap around and underneath is really a great design. The safety net is also very well thought out. You can just tell that it won’t sag over the years or get blown around—everything is tight and lines up well as it should.”


JumpFlex Hero 12-foot

Mat dimensions: 12, 14 or 15 feet wide | Height: 8.9 feet | Frame: High-tensile steel | Weight capacity: 550 pounds | Warranty: 10 years

You’ll need about 16 feet of yard space to set up this JumpFlex Hero, but if you have the room, this is a great option for safe family fun. It’s sturdy, with a dual-ring frame made from high-tensile steel, and is built with 80 extension springs for quality bouncing. The bounce mat is wrapped in a zippable 360-degree safety net so no one falls out while bouncing and flipping. The net extends all the way down to the bottom of the mat, where it clips on so there are no dangerous gaps. The net material also offers UV protection, which has passed Grade 6 Intertek UV testing. Beyond that, the trampoline’s steel poles are curved to minimize contact, and they’re padded, just in case. All in all, the JumpFlex Hero, which has a 550-pound weight capacity, is full of peace-of-mind features and meets all ASTM safety specifications. It also has a ten-year warranty.

What the reviews say: “I was a little nervous about getting a trampoline for my son, because I was going to have to put it together alone. But, wow, I am so happy and impressed with how easy it was. I watched the video on Amazon and thought, ‘Yeah, right. Things are never that easy,’ but it was!” 


Skywalker Trampolines 10-Foot

Mat dimensions: 10 feet wide | Height: 9.1 feet | Frame: Alloy steel | Weight capacity: 700 pounds | Warranty: 3 years (frame), 1 year (mat)

Skywalker Trampolines designs an entire lineup of high-quality tramps that deliver a lot of value for the money. For a sub-$300 price tag, the Skywalker 10-foot trampoline features durable materials, including a rust-resistant steel frame to outlast inclement weather and fortified T-sockets at each leg and enclosure joint to increase frame stability. While you master tuck jumps and twists, you can feel good knowing the padded perimeter eliminates unsafe gaps and 360-degree safety netting keeps everyone inside. Like the aforementioned Jumpzylla trampoline, this model is also tested for safety and durability to meet or exceed all ASTM standards.

What the reviews say: “The size of the 10-foot trampoline is doable for our family of five. Quite often we have ‘family jump time’ in the trampoline and all five of us (our kids are seven, five and two years old) are in there at the same time having fun. In these five months, not one day has gone by where the kids have not been jumping in this thing. It has become their go-to activity.”


Springfree Trampoline

Mat dimensions: 13 feet wide | Height: 9.2 feet | Frame: Metal | Weight capacity: 1,100 pounds | Warranty: 10 years

Springfree trampolines are an innovative take on a classic design: Instead of relying on metal springs for bounce, these models feature flexible composite rods positioned beneath the jumping surface that deliver a smoother and safer experience. They’re a popular choice for families with children, as well as anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of a trampoline without the risk of injury. The lift-off is incredibly similar to what you get with traditional springy trampolines and the responsive bounce is easier on joints. Springfree’s trampolines also have a large jumping surface suitable for kids or adults. With an impressive 1,100-pound weight capacity, you can easily fit a full family on this thing without wondering if it’s up for the task.

What the reviews say: “This trampoline is amazing and much more sturdy than cheaper ones we have bought in the past. The kids say the ‘bounce’ is high, and for the past few days since it has been set up they have spent hours on it with neighborhood friends. Delivery was prompt and they even helped take it to the backyard for easy setup which we really appreciated.”

Mat dimensions: 10 x 17 feet wide | Height: 10.5 feet | Frame: Metal | Weight capacity: 330 pounds | Warranty: 10 years (frame), 5 years (mat)

At its core, a trampoline serves as a form of innocent entertainment, but only a large trampoline like the Acon Air 16 Sport HD allows you to enjoy the experience with others. As purveyors of extra-large trampolines, Acon manufactures models that are big enough for commercial gyms, but some of their smaller options, like the Air 16 Sport HD, still fit in the backyard. While it’s certified to support up to 330 pounds, Acon builds it to withstand over 1,650 pounds, and industry-leading warranties on the frame (10 years), mat and springs (5 years), and safety pad (2 years) deliver additional peace of mind. The included net is free from zippers to prevent injury, and the ladder makes for easy entry and exit. Spend a bit more on the model with performance springs to up the bounce factor and send your friends sky high.

What the reviews say: “I got this bigger trampoline because we have six boys and four of them are teenagers. Some are dancers and some do gymnastics, and this trampoline has been helpful to all of them. Mostly, they have fun. We had to set a schedule for the neighbors to come over because it’s been such a big hit!”

Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker 8-Foot Round Trampoline

Mat dimensions: 8 feet wide | Height: 6.75 feet | Frame: Galvanized steel | Weight capacity: 700 pounds | Warranty: 3 years (frame), 1 year (mat)

The Skywalker 8-foot trampoline is big enough for multiple kids to play in outside, and small enough that you can use it inside, if your ceilings are high enough. The company recommends a 175-pound weight limit per jumper, but the 56-spring tramp meets ASTM safety standards for four times that amount. It’s low enough to the ground that young children can climb in and out without needing a ladder. Other smart features include a rust-resistant galvanized steel frame with reinforced joints for extra stability and a net enclosure that zips and latches closed—and attaches to the jumping pad to eliminate gaps. The poles are also angled away from the jumping area and covered with foam for extra safety.

What the reviews say: “We just put it together and it’s perfect for our yard size and our six year old. It took about one and a half hours to put together with two people. The instructions were great and the quality is fantastic.”


JumpSport 350 Indoor Fitness Trampoline

Mat dimensions: 39 inches wide | Height: 12.5 inches | Frame: 16-gauge alloy steel | Weight capacity: 275 pounds | Warranty: Lifetime (frame), 3 years (mat)

The JumpSport 350 rebounder is constructed with 50 feet of bungee material for joint-safe aerobic fun and fitness. It has arched legs for no-tip stability and is adjustable and customizable, with three different fitness levels for a supported low-impact bounce that works different muscle groups. To get you moving, this pick includes a 60-day free trial to JumpSport Fitness TV—an app with over 2,000 hours of streaming classes including cardio, barre and HIIT—and a cardio-core DVD, if that’s still your thing. At 39 inches and about 20 pounds, this rebounder is still small enough for most people to pick it up and move easily, and it has an enhanced “lay flat” jumping mat that allows more room for larger people to bounce, and do creative choreography.

What the reviews say: “Great quality, very stable and sturdy, but not too heavy. I love that it doesn’t make any squeaking noises like the cheap-o versions; it’s virtually silent. Simple to put together, took about ten minutes.”

Why Trust Forbes Vetted

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  • This story and its updates are overseen by gear editor Cam Vigliotta. He holds a degree in kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and spent years covering all things fitness and outdoor.
  • We consulted Jumpflex Trampolines’ chief growth officer Malcolm Phillipps. He provided guidance on the most important trampoline features to consider before buying one yourself.
  • This guide is regularly updated to keep our recommendations up to date. This roundup was most recently updated in May 2024 by gear updates writer Alexandra Garrett to answer common questions about trampolines.

How We Chose The Best Trampolines

When compiling this list, we sought out best-selling models and evaluated key factors. After all, selecting the perfect trampoline isn’t just about bouncing—it’s about ensuring safety, durability and entertainment.

  • We picked highly rated models from reputable brands like Skywalker and JumpFlex that can withstand years of use and varied weather conditions.
  • Because safety should be a top concern, we prioritized trampolines made to minimize risk of injury with features like a sturdy metal construction, reliable enclosure nets and reinforced padding.
  • A trampoline should also be fun to use, so we evaluated the bounce quality of each pick, rounding up trampolines with robust springs or innovative springless designs that offer smooth, responsive bouncing experiences.
  • To cater to different needs, we made sure to include options with adjustable heights and weight capacities.

What To Consider When Buying A Trampoline

When the time comes to invest in a trampoline, you’ll need to consider much more than its ability to bounce you into the sky. Here are a few key variables to keep in mind.


The size of a trampoline will dictate how many people can use it, and where you can install it around your home. Trampolines come in a range of sizes, from small models suitable for young children to large versions that can accommodate multiple users at once. If you plan to jump outdoors, Malcolm Phillipps, Jumpflex Trampolines’ chief growth officer, advises that “first and foremost, ensure you have enough space in your yard. Remember to allow for additional free space around your trampoline for the safety net to flex—ideally three to four feet—ensuring appropriate safety during use.”


According to Phillipps, round trampolines are most popular for recreational use, as they provide a controlled bounce due to uniform tension in the springs. They’re best suited to younger jumpers and multiple users. If you’re more serious about your jumping, rectangular and square trampolines offer a more variable and powerful bounce. They are usually preferred by athletes and gymnasts looking for a challenging and safe workout.


Safety is perhaps the most important consideration to keep in mind when investing in a trampoline. Look for models that have sturdy frames and safety nets to prevent bouncers from falling off, and make sure any trampoline you’re considering has been tested and certified to meet industry safety standards. “Most modern trampolines come with a 360-degree safety net,” Phillipps says. “However, check where the net attaches to the trampoline—ideally, this will be at the edge of the jumping mat with the springs outside. Pads should cover the springs for additional safety.”

It’s worth noting that most organizations that set safety standards, including the American Academy Of Orthopedic Surgeons, do not recommend trampolines for children younger than 6 years of age. If your tike is set on using a trampoline, consider an option like the Little Tikes Trampoline that provides a fun, safe experience until they’re old enough to level up to full-size trampolines.


Keep an eye out for trampolines made from high-quality materials designed to withstand heavy use and exposure to the elements. Less expensive models will likely be less durable, less safe and won’t last as long. “Robust and durable materials ensure longer and safer use of the trampoline. When any single component of a trampoline weakens, it compromises the integrity of the whole apparatus,” says Phillipps.

Weight Capacity

Check the weight limit of the trampoline you’re considering and make sure it can support the weight of everyone who intends to use it. If you’re a part of a big family, you’ll need to invest in a trampoline that can handle the stress and strain of constant use that comes with more weight.


Trampolines can vary dramatically in price, so reflect on how much you’re willing to spend. Cheaper models may be tempting, but they’re not as safe or durable as higher-end options. Phillipps points out, “Differences in price are reflected in the use of low-quality steel, weaker springs or cheaper mat and netting materials, leading to quicker degradation.” Those that are more expensive will cost a bit upfront, but they’ll make use of stronger materials and designs that should last you for years to come.

Which Trampoline Brand Is Best?

Of all the trampolines we evaluated, Jumpzylla ended up on top. The company’s trampolines comply with the ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Specification, meaning they’re designed to minimize hazards. Our top pick, the Jumpzylla 12-Foot Trampoline, is also made with durable stainless steel and a UV-resistant mat to limit deterioration.

What Kind Of Trampoline Is The Safest?

Spring-free trampolines are generally regarded as the safest options. Their design eliminates the risk of injuries associated with springs, as there are no hard edges or pinch points. They also provide a superior bounce experience with their flexible composite rods and shock-absorbent mats.

How Hard Is It To Set Up A Trampoline?

Every brand and model will be different, of course. But Phillipps says, “It is usually possible to set up a trampoline by yourself, but having two people can make assembly quicker and more efficient. Check the specific requirements for the model you choose.” Some brands include helpful videos on their website to assist with assembly.

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