A New PS5 Beta Update Is Out Now For Some Players

A New PS5 Beta Update Is Out Now For Some Players

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Sony has just released a new update for PlayStation 5 users. It has just left beta, but the update improves the mic and speaker for the DualSense controller, introduces new screen-share interactions, and offers an option to adjust brightness.

Via the PlayStation Blog, we know the update will improve the controller speakers. They will now “produce higher volume sound,” making it easier to hear in-game sound and voice chats. Thanks to a new AI machine-learning model, noise cancellation has been improved, suppressing button pressing and game audio. Users can adjust the volume settings from the control center.

In addition, players can now use pointers and emojis whenever they’re watching someone via Share Screen. Whenever someone is using a pointer, they can send a ping or draw a line that’ll allow them to highlight areas for the host and viewers to see. This feature will be automatically turned on, but the host can turn it off in the Share Screen settings.

Here's what the pointers and emojis will look like.
Here’s what the pointers and emojis will look like.

Last but not least, users can now adjust their brightness. To do this, they must go to the Settings tab, System, Beep, and Light, and finally select Brightness. From there, they’ll have the option to pick from dim, medium, or bright (standard) settings.

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