10 cool Minecraft seeds to up your game in 2024

10 cool Minecraft seeds to up your game in 2024

There are few games that are still going as strong, even after over ten years, like Minecraft. But, even today, there are plenty of ways to play the game by checking out different seeds. This way, you’ll still have plenty of adventures and tons of fun. However, you might need to do a little searching for the best possible seed.

Seeds in Minecraft, instead of having a randomly generated world, are worlds already set up with plenty to find in them. After so many years of the beloved survival game being around, there’s a chance of it getting stale, but these seeds will let you enjoy everything that 2024 has to offer for the beloved title.

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1. Sakura Season (Seed: -5584399987456711267)

Cherry blossoms are just as magical in Minecraft as they are in real life. This seed lets you enjoy the beautiful pink trees in a huge Cherry Blossom biome, which was introduced in the 1.20 update. Randomly generated maps aren’t always going to feature tons of stunning trees, but this seed lets you enjoy tons of them everywhere you look. It’s easily one of the prettiest seeds you’ll find.

2. Shipwreck Survival (Seed: -8065848147699287859)

Coming across a shipwreck while out sailing is a great find, since there can be a hoard of treasures within. However, it’s much harder when you spawn on the shipwreck itself. This seed starts you out on one of the shipwrecks, surrounded by nothing but ocean as far as you can see. You’ll need to scavenge materials from the shipwreck, build a boat, and begin your voyage to find any land you can.

3. Giant Cavern (Seed: 7445395903252703439)

Similar to the previous seed, this one instead spawns you inside of a massive cavern underground, with the goal of working your way up and out. Of course, being deep in the earth, there are plenty of resources for you to take to make it easier to build your way up to the surface. There are tons of smaller winding caves to explore in the cavern, and other great finds with this cool seed.

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4. Coastal Village (Seed: -7783854906403730143)

This seed will spawn you right next to a charming village right on the water. While there are great places for adventuring nearby, such as the mountains and ocean ruins, there are also plenty of great views in the village on the shore. It’s a perfect balance of cozy gaming to make a great farm and house, and adventuring to find the best gear and resources like iron.

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5. Mooshroom Biome (Seed: 859337968100847433)

What’s more enticing than mushroom cows? Since they were introduced into Minecraft years ago, Mooshrooms have been one of the most beloved mobs in the game. This seed gives you plenty of them to enjoy the company of, with a massive mushroom biome to explore when you travel to the island located at the coordinates 128, 66. Plus, the entire island is safe from monsters, making it a perfect paradise to use as a base.

6. Ancient City and Trail Ruins (Seed: 4349791831285849707)

If you’re on the hunt for a great place to find armor trims, this is the seed you need to get. Not only is it chock full of fantastic places to explore, including the trail ruins above and the ancient city below, but it’s also easy to find the extremely rare ward armor trims to deck yourself out in while you’re out and about. This seed is perfect for adventures and exploring.

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7. Woodland Mansion (Seed: 5705783928676095273)

Spawning directly in front of a massive mansion in the woods is a great head start to any Minecraft game. This seed gives you just that, along with a sprawling ancient city just nearby down below to go exploring in. Both the mansion and ancient city have plenty of armor trims for players to find, giving you tons to do no matter what kind of loot you’re interested in.

8. Frozen Lake of Cherries (Seed: -6384763642895912697)

I can’t help putting another Cherry Blossom seed on this list because they’re just so lovely. This seed is a beautiful combination of the pink sakura trees and plenty of ice spikes and snow, making a gorgeous winter combo. It’s the perfect scenic place to build a home or even an entire village. It’s definitely more for aesthetics than anything, but it’s still full of adventure.

9. Badlands Mountain (Seed: -932245979383499761)

Far from the lush lands that have appeared so far on this list, this seed will spawn you right on top of a mountain of badlands, surrounded by nothing but desert. It’ll be tough to scavenge your way through this land due to the lack of trees and other necessary resources. If you’re up for a challenge, this is a great seed to do it with.

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10. Bamboo Jungle and Buried Treasure (Seed: -4813269715648826820)

With this seed, you’ll be instantly surrounded by beautiful jungle and bamboo as far as the eye can see. This is stunning enough as it is, giving you plenty of materials to work with, but with this seed, you’ll also want to dig around to find tons of buried treasure along the shore. While you’re busy taming parrots and harvesting jungle wood, you’ll also get to uncover plenty of secrets.

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